Blue badge

Hi all, Just had a phone call asking to pick up my blue badge. I’ve been doing quite a lot of uncontrollable blubbing recently, my son is just getting over the humiliation of my very loud sobs as he was crowned “cub of the year!” Anyway, I’ve fought against the badge for over a year until the gp told me to wise up, now the blubbing has started again. I fear flood damage alert should be given to the neighbours and not because of the rain. How do I make it stop. Got parents evening tonight and just don’t want to cry in front of the teacher! Help! Chis x

Hi chis, oh what`s making you feel so low, hun? Is the dieting getting to you? If it is, then hit it on the head for now. You can always start again when you feel stronger.

im wondering if theres something else going on. Do you think a chat with your Gp could help?

so concerned for you love.

luv Pollx

Hi Chis Bet you were so proud, if you cry so what. You are a proud parent. I did when my son picked up managers player of the year, seeing his face did it .he is 7. This is an emotional roller coaster, your blue badge is another piece of the jigsaw. See you old Trafford soon. I will know its you as you all will have waterproofs on- ha, ha :slight_smile: Mike

Hi Chis,

Don’t fight against the blue badge, it will be so useful and will help you save your energy to do more things

that matter. I only use mine if I have to as always think there is someone more deserving of the car space. But when I do use it I feel

happier as I can nip into a shop to get something.

Read the booklet carefully - you get free parking in council car parks and hospitals (saves you having to walk to the machines).

I think the lack of sun shine is getting to everyone. If the crying continues then pop into see your doctor. They

are there to help.

Have a good parents evening - I’m sure your son will make you proud.

Jen x

I love my blue badge it makes things so much easier, I hate parking and blue badge spaces are much wider and closer to wherever I need to go.

I also like the fact you can park on double yellow lines if there are no spaces left. and like Jen says youiget free parking in hospitals and other pay and display parks as well as free parking in my local job center and town center

Yep Mike, thinking we might need to visit the Regatta store, now I can at least apply for parking! Chis x

Hi Chis Not long left you will have to make quick Mike


You don’t automatically get free parking at every hospital and pay and display car park. My local hospital started charging in April of this year. With other car parks it very much depends on who owns it, for instance my local country park charges everyone and there’s talk about my council charging too. Even so, I still love my blue badge!

Sarah x

Some local authorities have dedicated blu badge car parks, you try and get in. Car parks operated by most parking companies will charge. If you park on the street watch where you park and also some local authority car parks all users pay even though they have disabled spaces