Cub of the year help needed

Hi all, I really try hard not to post negative comments but I feel so rubbish today. I haven’t been right for a couple of weeks, saw doctor, didn’t know me, he told me I had a slipped disc. Now I am tight around my middle like the living daylights are being squeezed out of me. My throat hurts, my ears are sore and I can’t seem to manage my temperature. The worst thing though is I can’t stop crying. My son was awarded CUB OF THE YEAR tonight and I had to leave because I couldn’t control my sobbing. I am so proud, but so embarrassed that I don’t know if I can face anyone tomorrow. Has this happened to anyone else. Please help if you can. Chis

Clongratulations to your son-don’t you just love it. Mike

Meant to say congratulations-but I am sure you get it why is crying the worst thing - you are proud he is your son-no shame and owt to be embarassed about-I did the same when my son won managers player of the year-he is 7 and plays footie. I stood up-fell over- ot up again and cheered so loud. Translate from Latin Honi soit qui mal y pense Translate it and you get it Well done again Mike

Well done to your son, I would have blubbed as well. When my son had his chief scout gold award presented me and my hubby were crying and so were a lot of the other parents (For their kids not mine lol)

I have leavers assembly coming up soon for my son leaving primary school and I’m dreading it. I was pretty emotional for the last one with my older son but this time I cry at the drop of a hat so I best take arm bands!

We all get emotional over our kids achievments, but with everything you have been through its hardly surprising. Hold your head high tomorrow and glow with pride in your wonderful son.


Aw you poor thing - sounds like you’re going into a bit of an ill time with all those aches and pains

Look after yourself and cuddle up with a blanket, pain relief, choccy etc and take it easy. Congratulations to your son and big hugs to you xx

Hi Nikki Bet the leavers assembly will kill you like it will me too. They are growing up. 2 years ago I burst into tears when my daughter got the school prize, now my other daughter is going to get it, dunno what my reaction will be. But who cares-gotta live it Mike x

Thank you all. My own gp phoned me this moring, he thinks I have a virus and it’s kicked off the ms. Off to see him tomorrow morning. My husband took the kids to school this morning so hopefully by next week I’ll be more in control and can face people. Chis