blue badge refusal

i have secondary m.s and have been refused my bluebadge renewal, I appealed and included evidence from my g.p but their decision has been upheld and I can’t appeal further, and they say the only other option is to go to a judicial review which I presume would mean having a solicitor which I can;t afford, has anyone else had this happen and what did they do

Hi Sheilar

I suggest you talk to your local Citizens Advice Bureau. They should be able to advise on what your available options are, and if funding is available.


OMG that is mad. Do you not have PIP mobility or DLA? High rates are automatic.

Its not the illness by the way its how it affects your mobility. Did you see what your GP wrote in evidence as usually that would get you the blue badge. My husband even got a blue badge for his COPD. He was supported by his GP.

I would also go to CAB over this and see if you can get help with it.

I’m told my local authority now want to see the points you were awarded for PIP before they issue or even re issue a badge.

Jan x

In this council area blue badge comes automatic with standard rate pip