Blue badge question

This question or something similar has probably been asked ability times before but…

Parked in a private car park, in a non-disabled bay, displayed my blue badge, then came back to a ticket. If I appeal this will I win?

Thanks, sorry if it’s been asked before.


Did it say on the car park terms that you can only use your badge in marked disabled bays only , if so then i don’t think you have much chance but you can always try . We always check what the terms are when we park as some car parks you still need to pay even with a badge.

Good luck with it . Katy

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I don’t think there’s a simple answer to this question.

If you’ve parked in a private car park, you have to check their rules.

If you park in a council car park, you have to check their rules too. For eg, the council area I live in, I can park in any space in any car park, display my badge and not have to pay. But in the neighbouring Borough, I can park for free only in a space that is designated for the disabled. Equally, parking on a meter depends on the councils’ rules.

If I park in an NCP car park, it’s never free, regardless of where I park, ie. its a privately owned car park with specific rules.

The only rules that are (I think) common to the whole country are those about parking on single or double yellow lines (up to 3 hours displaying a badge and time clock so long as it’s safe and there are no restrictions). And of course if you live in an area where there are red lines, it’s never OK to park.

So you’d need to check the rules of the specific private car park you were in.

But you could try appealing anyway, it’s always worth a try.


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I would assume that in a private car park I would have to pay. I would put up my badge on show if I was in a disabled bay as I need the door wide open to get in and out of the car. But would assume I should pay.

If you can, go back and read the signs.

Jen x

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Very few car parks have free disabled spaces. Even our local hospital you have to pay. And most car parks are privately owned.

Never take anything for granted.

Take a look at Martyn Lewis Money Saving experts website.

Many private car parks can’t legally enforce their penalties.

I’ve avoided several tickets through this route. They sends variety of official looking letters, which are shown on the website.

Just ignore them all and they stop.

This doesn’t apply to council car parks who will chase you down

hope this helps


It varies from area to area to be honest - in Belfast on street parking with a blue badge is free but alot of “pay and display” car parks - blue badgers have to pay as well - counciland private ran ones…

Ah-ha, got them…

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