Blue Badge Question


I applied for a Blue Badge recently and the £10 pre-payment has now been taken.

On the tracking it says Your application was sent for printing by your local authority on 03/05/2017.

Does this mean the application has now been approved and will be issued in due course ?

I really hope so.


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it sounds successful to me.


Think it does if they’ve taken your ££££.

Well done, you get a gold star for form filling skills.


Apparently they take the money once the application has cleared.

I can feel a “Carlton” coming on. I wish I could.

Just noticed the “Like” button is back. Life`s good.

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Yeh,it must have!

I like the dancing chappie!


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Cheers Boudica.

Just spoken to a Blue Badge rep.

They said it has gone through to the printers and should be with us this week.


COOL. Loads of room to park.

In an ideal world - and anyone who doesn’t have a blue badge and parks in one of these spaces should be strapped into a VR disability suit for a week and experience what it’s really like to need one

Jo x


God help anyone in my parking space who should`nt be there.

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I’m glad that the blue badge application was successful. I will point out one thing, though. The £10 is an admin charge and they take the money whether the application is successful or not. That’s the way it’s done in Warwickshire and Worcestershire​. I’d be surprised if other counties were different.

Yes it is different in Buckinghamshire and fairer. I think you better move house.

LA contact details


Address : Buckinghamshire County Council, Wycombe Area Office, BCC Council Offices, Easton Street, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP11 1NH

Phone : 01296 382902

Email :

The cost of a badge is £10.00. You will only be charged for this if your application is approved by your local authority.

In West Sussex you only pay £10 if successful too. Actually I just looked at Warwickshire and Worcestershire. You are refunded the charge in Worcestershire if unsuccessful, and only charged if successful in Warwickshire (according to their websites.) So I assume it’s a national policy.


That’s changed recently then. When I first applied the fee was charged regardless of success. Mind you, it was only £2 in those days.

What is the criteria for a blue badge ?

I heard if you can walk the length of a bus with no aid then you will not get one.

Generally it’s that you can’t walk more than 50 metres. A bus is only about 20 metres (unless it’s one of those long bendy buses!). So eligibility for any rate of PIP for mobility or high rate Mobility DLA automatically qualifies you. There are a few other automatic criteria, but the best way to check is to look at the website of the County Council where you live. There’s always a page on criteria for a blue badge.


Just been on The Blue Badge site for an update and it says,

Your application was issued by your local authority on 10/05/2017.

Does anybody know what that means ?

Would I be right in thinking that the blue badge is being posted to me ?

Hi, in just one word - yes :). Well that’s how it was for me anyway. Jane10 X

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I can’t walk very far but due to spasticity in my legs and foot drop in my left foot I stated that I had to open my car door wide to enable me to lift my leg, with my hand, into the car.

Along with everything else I think this helped.


Guess what arrived today ? Two weeks, start to finish.

Time to go shopping !

Yes I`m driving ! Hope there is somewhere to park.

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