Blue badge entitlement?

New on here but was diagnosed in 2018. I have relapsing remitting ms and am managing it with copaxone daily.
Just wondering if anyone else is in my situation who have a blue badge and/or motability?
I’ve never claimed a penny in my life but was reading something the other day about someone with rrms who has a blue badge…
If anyone could offer any support or advice it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks x

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Hello, I have very similar situation to yours, diagnosed on 14th July 2020 with RRMS and been on Copaxone since 21st September 2020. Upon receive my diagnosis letter I immediately applied online using the website, answered the questions honestly and attached my diagnosis letter from my Neurologist. My blue badge was approved in less than a month on 13th August 2020 and arrived a few weeks later. I think some local authorities are more relaxed than others on the approvals, and I wish you luck in your application. I find it very useful, but also frustrating when people without blue badges park in the spaces…aghhhh!

I got a blue badge last year after having RRMS for 20+ years. It was a challenge to get and mine was refused on the first application and only successful on appeal after a second physical assessment and a form completed by my MS nurse. Getting it has been life changing for me….it makes everything so much easier so I’m glad I stuck with it BUT the initial application to approval took about a year.

I got my blue badge at the second attempt.

In truth I probably wasn’t immobile enough to qualify the first time, but was starting to struggle: I was OK to walk but my job entailed doing surveys of commercial buildings: not much use if I was already knackered when I arrived at a building because I was parked too far away! More particularly, I hadn’t put much effort into the application.

Second time, 18 months later, my mobility had become much more of an issue and I’d got a bookful of medical reports fromm consultants to GP’s, scanned & uploaded in support. The badge came through in about 10 days. Your medical reports will “sell” the argument for you. However, an MS diagnosis of itself is no guarantee of a blue badge as there are so many types and levels of impairment as we know. I’m not RR but I imagine your medical reports will talk about RR frequency & intensity.

There are parallels between the blue badge application, the DVLA’s CN1 medical fitness to drive form and the DWP’s PIP process.

Like you, I’d never claimed for anything but this year I’m “all in” having had a very late diagnosis, closed my company and now unable to work. When the changes are big enough, you wise up. Those benefits are not for “other people” any more - you’ve become one of those people! Don’t feel guilty :+1:

Hi, welcome to the club

Like others have said, mine took two attempts to get. If I remember right (not a guarantee with MS!), I reapplied/appealed almost immediately, as I was really struggling to walk - I think if you were unable to walk a certain distance you could get the badge, and I couldn’t get close to it. Eligibility criteria can be found here - Who can get a Blue Badge? - GOV.UK

By the way, have you informed the DVLA and car insurance? You’re legally required to tell the DVLA (it’s a pretty hefty fine if you don’t), and your car insurance could be invalid if you don’t tell them
Let us know if you have any other questions :slight_smile:

I didn’t notify the DVLA for about 15 years! I was in denial for a long time and then I was worried about a potentially large fine. In the end I bit the bullet and rang them and they just sent me a form to fill in so I now have a 3 year license. Fines were never even mentioned! I guess I’m lucky there were never any insurance consequences! So anyhow what I’m saying is don’t be put off telling the DVLA even if many years have elapsed since your diagnosis.

Sorry you’ve joined the club.
Some good advice. Send as much evidence as you can.

My problem is SPMS, I have foot drop and can’t lift my left leg. Therefore I need to open the car door wide to be able to lift my leg in and out of the car. Wide space necessary.

Fatigue is important. If you drive to work how far do you walk from the car park?

The GVMT have redone the categories for a blue badge so you may be lucky. Hope people know that the badge is for the person, not the car so even if you don’t drive and have mobility problems you can apply.

Something else people may not know.

’ You can apply for a disabled parking space (disabled bay road marking) outside your house provided you meet the following conditions: … You or someone in your household is disabled and has a valid blue badge’

Good luck, let us know how you get on.


Hi everyone.
Thank you for the responses!! I’ll get on to the application and see what happens. Don’t have much faith with me being rrms but there’s no harm in trying, right?
I’ll try my best to keep you updated but my memory is shocking, I’m sure many will understand! :woman_facepalming:t4:

Thank you,

I’ve recently been diagnosed with a relapse and really struggle to walk. I applied on line and got a badge in 9 days. I explained everything and attached the consultant and MS physio letters. I was totally surprised it was so quick. Good luck.