Blue Badge, Benefits and Fatigue

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The main problem my wife suffers with is terrible fatigue, pains and migraines, does anyone know if she would be entitled to any benefits or even just the blue Badge, just easy access parking would help save a bit of energy. She currently works full time and that leaves her shattered and unable to do anything else. It seems crazy as her problems are invisible to everyone else she just has to battle on and work till she drops. Its crazy the Law classes her as disabled but from what I read she doesn’t qualify for blue badge or PIP as Fatigue, pains and migraines are invisible to the assessors.

hi mr h

she should apply for a badge.

explaining in as much detail as possible how pain and fatigue cause her so many problems.

ditto with PIP.

ask someone from CAB to help with the forms.

any doctors letters can be enclosed.

my neuro and ms nurse always copy me into the letters they send to my GP.

good luck

carole x

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Write every single appointment you’ve had related to MS down.

Good luck

Jen x

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The big thing about the Blue Badge application is that the key question is asked twice.
How far can you walk?
Fatigue and pain are secondary to walking distance!

I don’t have a problem with this as the answer is about 0 steps (not feet, yards or metres)
The key distance is about 20 metres (and maybe 10 metres), and the best answer is:
“About ten metres before I have to stop and rest”

If you apply online, download the form, print it off, and fill it in in pencil so that you get your answers right.
You send it off with all the supporting stuff and it goes to your relevant local authority. They make a decision (could be just a 19 year old clerk) and ask you for payment, when they have the money in their sweaty little claws, they tell the firm that handles the application and a badge is issued.

I have always contacted my council BB department by email, just to make sure. Like
" I sent it off 10 days ago and I have not heard - when will the decision be made?"
The answer is “You owe us £10”.



I’m under Trafford Council, and the woman from the council didn’t feel qualified to say yeah or nay, so she sent me for an appraisal with a (council) physio - no private firm involved. And the physio appointment was about 30 minutes - he could see how I was when I walked into the (council) building after a short walk, so approved it - at the time, I could walk unaided, but the ease with which I walked diminished over distance so it worked well in my favour.

I’m not saying to “game” the system, but give a good idea of how your wife is when you feel she needs the help, don’t arrive fresh as a daisy, so they can get a good idea of what’s she’s like after some walking or when she’s tired.

After all, she can decide not to use the BB on occasions when she doesn’t need to but it’s very good to have when you do need it.

Jo x


As has been said above, the key to both blue badge and PIP is about distance.

Have a look at the PIP ‘descriptors’, ( they indicate the distance someone can walk for reliably, safely and repeatedly to qualify for points. And you add up the points (one number for each descriptor) in order to see whether you / she will qualify. PIP for mobility is awarded at the standard rate if a person can only walk up to 50 metres and at the enhanced rate if a person can only walk up to 20 metres.

There are separate descriptors for the care component. It’s worth considering those too. This is the link to the CAB guidance on PIP: Personal Independence Payment - Citizens Advice

The Blue Badge is automatically awarded to a person who can demonstrate that they qualify for PIP at the enhanced rate for mobility. Otherwise have a look at your local county (or Unitary, London, or Metropolitan Borough depending on where you live) council rules about the conditions to be satisfied for a blue badge.

As others have said, it’s worth applying for both.


Applied online to renew my Blue badge on 1st August. First day I was allowed to apply. Asked for an authorised photo, got a photcopy of my driving licence verified by a GP, sent off 6th August.

Got confirmation they received form and nothing since.

Badge expires on 21st September.

Phoned yesterday. Need the badge so I can park near work.(have had one for 6 years. SPMS so not going to get any better) .

They’re still looking into it…

If I’m called for an assessment then it will expire.