Blue badge appeal?

I am waiting to hear about DLA but have applied for a blue badge. As I do not get DLA I had to go for an assessment, I only got 11 points and need at least 12 to get a blue badge. It says I can appeal if I have more evidence, such as a letter from Gp, but even with this I might be sent for another assesment which would be carried out by a differant assesser. Rang them and said I had good and bad days, they said maybe my walking would be worse on day of second assessment! Not sure what to do, has anyone else been through this? I am un Dx at the mo but have been told I do not need a Dx of anything to get a blue badge.

MS with its variable symptoms is a difficult one to assess however that was a really fatuous remark – do you have to wait until you are in the depths of a relapse in order to prove that you have mobility problems?

As people do not understand (even drs) its best to spell it out. Write down what happens on your worst day but also (and this is very important) how often that situation occurs.
Personally I might be able to walk 20M in the morning but ask me to do it at 2.30pm and it’s a very different kettle of fish. It’s essential that the examiner is aware that what they look at may not be your reality. If your GP (or other health care professional) can stress the variable nature of your condition so much the better.

It’s quite true that you don’t need a dx to get a blue badge but I think it may be easier since the assessor has something to hang their hat on. As that is not possible you are going to have to be very explicit about your own personal variations.


Examiners will only assess things as they are at the time of the assessment/medical. They may note that the person has a variable condition but their assessment is a record of the state of things at the time the examination is done.

-I have friend whose husband has just lost his blue badge because he wanted to prove he ‘could’ walk further than his wife had put on the form, also steps - even though hes had a stroke and holds onto the railings on his way to church which isnt very far from his home. He also falls in the house and often walks into things because its affected his eyesight and balance. needless to say my friend was furious but he hates being disabled so is trying his best to pursuade others hes not really disabled, nonetheless she has problems with him and is his carer. In other words he is his own worst enemy especially when dealing with authority.

My friend was furious and is appealing. But learning from that, it would seem you would have to be at your worst on any assessment because the criteria is getting tougher.

Hardly anyone understands ms and its daily battle with one thing or another, or its fluctuations.

Tell them how it is and demonstrate your difficulties which you encounter daily and dont try be the martyr like my friends husband, it only gets you into trouble.