Blocked catheters


Daisy, ls this a SPC catheter. lf so - then l do know a bit about them - had one for 20yrs. They block for a number of reasons.Usually because the drainage eyelet end has got sucked into the bladder wall. You need to twist the catheter round a few times and also gently pull it back to release it. Drink plently of water . This gets it flowing if there are debris in the bladder. Also, if the tube gets kinked it will block the flow and cause wetting. Have you tried bladder washouts - they are very easy to use - get your district nurse to show you how - give them a ring anyway.

l make a drink of 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar with a spoonful of honey topped up with water - hot or cold and drink this a couple of times a day. Brilliant for all sorts of things but especially for balancing the ph in your urine.

message me if you like.

Hi, I also have an spc. I have had several blockages and my district nurses always come quickly to change it. Last year I was bypassing every day. My uro took me into hospital for a washout and a look inside my bladder. He said my urether neck is too wide. He put me on betmiga and tolterdine to keep spasms down it worked.