Blepharospasm - Botox Vs Drugs

Hi (again)

I’m considering asking the Dr for some help with blepharospasm in left eye. Started with first set of ON and worsened with potential 2nd. It’s not severe to see (wife can hardly tell), but it isn’t half annoying, and it’s causing me to pull all kinds of funny faces, altering the sensation, making them water etc etc.

GP has offered me some form of anti-inflmmatory for it I think, but I think I prefer not keep medication to a minimum, especially if I’m going to be pouring all kinds of things down my throat in the futre. Was considering botox??? Obviously this might have it’s advantages on my ugly mug also. Let’s just say, i’ve had a hard life! I don’t look 32, maybe add a 0 and you’re closer the the age I look!!!

Wondered if anyone had any experience of this, advice, etc etc

I’m not sure if anyone has tried this specifically on here, but your best chance of a reply is probably posting on the Everyday Living forum.

Can’t see how an anti-inflammatory will help if it’s neurological. Have you asked your neuro about it?

If it’s part of a relapse, should you not give it a bit longer to see if it recovers before you do anything drastic?

Sorry I can’t really help.

Karen x