Probably a silly question but...

Does anybody else have twitchy eye? my R eye is drivin me nutts!

Yes I do and it can get annoying at times! X

Yes, me too. Mainly my left eye. But sometimes happens to the right eye too.

Oh yes… the old twitchy eye!

Very annoying…

Pat x

I’ve never had twitchy eyes but used to get woken up every night by twichy legs. I mentioned it to my optician (because his father has MS - not twitchy eye link) and he told me there are drugs to cure it. In my case, clonazepam, an anti-epilepsy drug, does the job. Just wondering if the same thing is true for twitchy eyes - definately worth asking your GP.

Hi, yeh I have a twitchy eye. I didnt know I had until a neuro mentioned it whilst talking to me. he offered botox, butI declined as i imagined it could go wrong and look quite different to the other eye.

It was frighten children and horses, I`m sure!

Ask about botox if you fancy it, eh?

luv Pollx

thnk ill give deadly toxin a miiss poll sometimes othrs can see i t but mosty just me, i get the jumpy legs too chick, reminds me of wht my dogs look like when theyre dreaming , eyes been bugging me more than nrmal latly, grr

Ah, this is the thread! I’ve been experiencing facial twitches for months, but linked it to epilepsy as it was mostly ‘in my head’ or so I thought.

It’s mostly forehead, eyes & cheeks, although lips sometimes join in.

Pressing on the affected area helps but that’s obviously not long term.

woke with it this am, alrdy drivn me nuts and its not 11am… insert tazzy type expletive here…