Bleeding Speedicath

Hello! :expressionless: I use Coloplast Speedicath’s with the little upturned tips as I can’t wee. It’s very intermittent but is usually related to some infection/new event/trauma. I have used them without issue up till Saturday. When I went to catheterise I hit a little resistance and instead of it going in it went “pop”. Ok I thought, but without warning or pain I started passing blood. I removed the catheter tried again and all was good. I put it down to me being blasé and over forceful. No issues the rest of saturday and into Sunday. However the last three catheters have been awful. I seem to be passing blood each time and it’s getting worse. I had an in in dwelling catheter last year and do not want to go back. Has anybody else had this issue? Does anybody know if antibiotics effect catheterisation? I am taking some now. I will go to the hospital if it continues, however my local A&E just see anything MS related as not their problem and send me home. So understandably I do not wish that on a bank holiday.- Any answers gratefully welcome Strudders