Self cathertising

Just started self cathertisingJust yesterday, and today managed 3 times but tonight I struggled and there was blood on the catheter when I eventually managed, have I done something wrong?

Don’t be scared - it can be that it is just a new thing and your body is slightly shocked by the procedure.

It happened to me, actually while I was in hospital last year, a nurse then tried for me with lots of lubrication (either water, KY Jelly or the lubricant provided with your catheter) and when I relaxed, and she assured me everything was ok down there, it went in fine.

She told me you can ‘scratch’ or ‘scrape’ yourself but no damage was done. There was lots of blood when I did it and I was really concerned but I was fine. Try not to worry too much.

Take care, J xxx

Thank you j that reassured me , you are so tense when you start I suppose it will just come second nature to me soon xx

I’m glad it helped - it does get easier but it isn’t easy to begin with at all so I empathise.

Wish you well xx

That happened to me at first; you can get sore when you first have to do it, my bladder seems to have expanded nowand it can be a sign of infection.

It was difficult at first but now it’s become very easy, good luck.

Wendy x

Was a lot easier today thanks to all xxx


it is true that it becomes easier with time!

at first i was so worried about doing it that i fainted when i went to see the nurse to teach me how to do it.

four years on i actually would not go back to not using them. i can do one before i go out then will no my bladder is empty and i wont need the loo. the only downside is that about every 3 weeks i get an infection. the dr said it is not surprising as using isc is putting a foreign body into you.

now that i have had my bladder botoxed although it is much better i still isc but less. at first i was using 10 per day now it is about 5.

anyway good luck with it and do not give up!!


Floating to the other PPs



I started doing ISC about 10 years ago now. When I first started there was blood on the catheter a couple of times but my continence nurse said it was normal when you start doing it because you can scratch yourself and she encourage me to try different brands and sizes of catheter until I found what was right for me.

Don’t get down hearted, It’s difficult to start with, it used to take me about 20 minutes and a hand miror, but I can do it in no time now. It is worth it, you’ll get there with it.