Bladder/urine issues

Was submitted to hospital for not passing any urine a catheter was fitted and kept in for 3 days on the 3 day they took the catheter out in the morning see if things gone back to normal 5/6hrs later still didn’t pass any urine so fitted catheter again for two weeks took it out this morning came back at 3 still didn’t pass any urine so catheter went back in even thou I drank loads of water referring me to urologist any thoughts or solutions on this


Well I generally can’t wee at all. So it’s entirely possible it’s an MS thing. My problem is that the sphincters don’t work. So sometimes people with MS have problems keeping the sphincters closed, so are incontinent. With me, it’s that I can’t make them open on demand, so no matter how much my urethra tells me I’m going to wet myself if I don’t go Now! I still have to use a catheter when I reach the loo. So I sort of have the same problem.

But my problem started slowly and got worse over time, yours seems to have just gone bang, not working. Did you use ISC before? Had you had a bladder scan before that maybe shows you have a retention problem?

I assume you’ve been tested for a UTI? (Basic I know, but sometimes these things get missed, unlikely, but still.)

Sorry to be so blunt, but do your bowels work properly? Mine haven’t for years, the same problem as with the bladder - sphincter not relaxing when it should.

Maybe you will have to start intermittent self catheterising (ISC). Or have an SPC?


Mine did happen over night bowls seem to be fine at the moment touch wood. You think you doing ok then bang

Two thoughts. Its going to be either a bladder problem, where it is not emptying so hence the catheter. Or a kidney problem. Just trust the doctors while they sort out what is causing it.

My problem is the opposite I can’t hold any fluid for long hence seeing an incontinence nurse soon. If I cough, sneeze or laugh etc my bladder opens right up and hay ho I have wet myself again. I do not drink anything after 4pm to make sure I don;t wet the bed. The other night I fancied cornflakes with milk which I had at 7pm , well I was out of bed every 30 mins until I was empty. This is so annoying but I am dealing with it. You have to xxxx

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Hi update and advice on bladder issue

I went to see the urologist who put me on contiflo for two weeks went in last Tuesday as a day patient took the catheter out see if I could pass water,6 hrs later still not peeing bladder filling up I gave up telling nurse put the catheter back in he said give it a bit longer anyway started flowing so sent home without catheter in,the problem now I’ve got no sensation when I need to go it gone the other way plus it stings a bit when going also think got a uti calling dr out tmrw to check me over can anyone give advice or been through this Thanks

Get the doctor to check for a UTI. Then refer you to the bowel and bladder service. (This isn’t going to be a fast fix, but will help I think.)

Talk to the specialist nurse about your problems. I suggest you think about intermittent self catheterisation (ISC). It might help you to completely empty your bladder so you aren’t incontinent so long as you ISC every 4-6 hours.

In the meantime, indwelling catheter isn’t a great option, you might be stuck with pads plus trying your damnedest to empty as much as you can. Try pressing on your lower stomach, rocking back and forth on the loo, raising your feet higher, all the things you (and anyone else) can think of to try and empty naturally.


Trying to avoid a catheter again got another appointment with urologist in Dec which is to long think they think catheter is out problem over problem got worse but the other way. fed up of this crap what a s##t condition to have