Bladder treatment

Hi, can anyone give some advice on a treatment I have been offered for my bladder problems. I have been self catheterising for the last eighteen months and have been recently referred to the London university college Hospital. I came across a treatment called sacral neuromodulation. I have however only been given a 10-20 % success rate. There is a months trial first to see if there is any success however I am concerned I am putting myself through an operation which does have risk for no end result.

I am wondering if anyone has knowledge of the treatment and whether they had any success.

Any my info and advice welcome

thank you


Hi Jason. I’m sorry, I know nothing about the treatment but just wanted to say that the doctors that refer us for some of these unusual treatments or operations have experience and know who would most likely be a success. I self catheterise too and that comes with its own risks of infection with each time we insert one.

I’m a guinea pig for a new prosthetic disc in my neck and was terrified when it was suggested but it was the best thing I’ve ever had done. They wouldn’t have inserted it if there was very little chance of success as they need the positive results to take this surgery further.

I think you may have to think hard about it, I know my experience isn’t in the same line as yours but just wanted you to think about the possibilities. Would you regret not having tried it? Are you happy to continue self catheterising? You’re bound to get conflicting replies. You may get more feedback from asking this on the “daily living” part of the forum as there are many more people there.

I hope you make the right decision for yourself. Please let us know how you get on with it.

Take care

Cath x

Hi Cath,

thanks for the feedback. I have got used to the self catheterising but would love to not and feel far to young at only 44 to have to do it. On another side which also worries me on how would I introduce having to self Cath should I meet a future partner. It’s put me off trying to get back there which does make me feel sorry for myself, which to be honest is one of the reasons I put myself forward for the treatment. It’s a gamble but may be worth taken as I could be the 10-20 it works for.

Soz for the personal stuff but it’s all connect to my thought process.

Thanks again


Jason I’m only 46 so I know how you feel being too young for all this c–p. I’m just pleased I can do it in the privacy of the bathroom where I am used to going to pee on my own. I can sort of understand the partner thing, fortunately I’m happy being single so it’s not something I’ve thought a lot about, but I don’t know why that would put someone off. Not many people demand seeing their other halves perform all intimate acts, we all draw the line somewhere.

Good luck with it and please let us know how you get on.

Cath x


thank you for the advice, much appreciated. I’ll keep you update .

thanks again