Bladder probs

Hi, new here so any advice would be great.

I have had bladder problems for 3 years now, started with not being able to empty so started self cathing, then 1 year ago I started leaking, mainly on a night. I now self cath during the day and wear a sheath on a night.

I have tried loads of tablets and none seem to work or do anything but make me feel even worse !

My quiestion is does anyone else here have both these symptoms together, leaking and retention ?...if so how did you solve the problem (if you did !!).....I have an appointment with my urologist tomoro but everytime I see him I never seem to explain myself well and I feel I am getting no where !

Any help would be great



Stu, Have you thought of trying LDN - it is very successful for regaining control of your bladder-  Lots of folk with ms take it for this problem as well as the other benefits.  lts worth  trying - as this is such a miserable part of ms.


hi stu

i have also had this droblem  fof 3 years now i

wear a leg bag now and find this good.