Bladder numbness

Hii, i would really appreciate having some advice and opinions of my symptoms that have been going on since i turned 19. this is going to be quite a long explanation haha sorry. I have been having bladder numbness for about 8 months now. I’ve had MRI’s of my brain and spinal cord for Neurological Disorders and Cauda Equina Syndrome in my lower spine. Everything has came back negative but I am still suffering with no sensation of bladder fullness no matter how much I drink. I was then sent to a Neurologist and because my brain MRI was clear he could not say it was connected to anything neurological.

I have trouble peeing for a long amount of time, usually I can only get a small amount out every time using the bathroom. Usually, I have hesitation before I go to the toilet too. Also, I am dealing with genital numbness inside. It seems like from the waist down I have numbness and malfunction. I suffer from muscle spasms daily round my body too but it isn’t the most worrying symptom for me and tingles in the tip of my fingers sometimes.

I was wondering if there’s any chance anyone would know what would cause this at 19 years old? It seems usually woman older get these disorders. I’m very worried for my health, it would be great to know if a neurological disorder is the only case and what ones it could be connected too for a young girl? it would really help to know what type of nerve damage could be causing this at 19.

Thank you so much if you’ve read through all of this​:slightly_smiling_face:‍:arrow_up_down::white_heart: