Bladder numbness 19 year old girl very worried need advice

Hiii🤍, I’d really like if I could have some opinions and advice on my symptoms I’ve been having.

I have been having bladder numbness for about 8 months now. I’ve had MRI’s of my brain and spinal cord for Neurological Disorders and Cauda Equina Syndrome in my lower spine. Everything has came back negative but I am still suffering with no sensation of bladder fullness no matter how much I drink. I was then sent to a Neurologist and because my brain MRI was clear he could not say it was connected to anything neurological.

I have trouble peeing for a long amount of time, usually I can only get a small amount out every time using the bathroom. Usually, I have hesitation before I go to the toilet too. Also, I am dealing with genital numbness inside. It’s all making me very insecure. I have trouble emptying bowls too. It seems like from the waist down I have numbness and malfunction.

I suffer from muscle spasms daily round my body too but it isn’t the most worrying symptom for me and hyper sensitive fingers with tingles in the tips of both hands. Which I can only think is my nerves. It seems different sensation nerves are being effected? Is MS the only common cause for my age?

I was wondering if there’s any chance anyone would know what would cause this at 19 years old? It seems usually woman older get these disorders. I’m very worried for my health, it would be great to know if a neurological disorder is the only case and what ones it could be connected to for a young girl? It would really help to know what type of nerve damage could be causing this at 19.

Thank you if you’ve read this far!!:slightly_smiling_face:‍:arrow_up_down::white_heart:

Hi Tayaswinnss

Not sure what, other than neurological damage, would be causing bladder numbness - I know that mine is due to lesions in my spine. It would be worth getting a full head and spinal mri done (again) as spinal lesions can be notoriously difficult to spot. Has anyone suggested having a lumbar puncture done to check for oligoclonal banding - basically an indication of inflammation of the brain/spinal cord.

Other than this, has your GP ruled out B12 deficiency or thyroid issues; and have you been checked out by Rheumatology re. Lupus etc.

There’s a long list of conditions that have similar symptoms and most of the time all the others have to be ruled out first before reaching a diagnosis.

Hope you get some answers soon.


Thank you so much for replying! Since seeing a neurologist he dismissed me straight away really because my brain MRI was clear and said it couldn’t be neurological which I do not agree with and wish he had tested me for other disorders.

I’ve now gone to a urologist privately because that is the next step he told me to take but id rather be seen by a second neurologist and be tested further.

If you don’t mind me asking what are your spine lesions from? I have wondered if I have something going on with my spine as when my symptoms started I had quite a lot of aches and pain in my lower back. Is there any chance an infection could have caused this in the spine? Not sure if that is a neurological cause.

Thank you!


My spinal lesions are from MS; I have 3 lesions in my brain which have not altered one bit since they were first spotted on an MRI in 2013/14, and my neurologist was adamant were nothing to do with the symptoms I have had since 2013, the spinal lesions were first spotted in 2022 after I developed issues with bladder numbness/urine retention/hesitancy in urinating etc. I saw a urologist to rule out any cause other than neurological - and they insisted that Neurology take another look at things, full spinal MRI and 4 new lesions later I was diagnosed with MS.

Its a good idea to see urology regardless, they may be able to say - this is caused by x, or they may refer you back to neurology. They can also help you with the numb bladder/hesitancy/retention issues - TMI, I now self catheterise 2 - 3 times a day to make sure my bladder is emptied properly, nowhere near as bad as it sounds at first, you might like me see the funny side of it, and way better than struggling and taking forever to have a pee.