Bladder issues, am I going mad?

Hi, been self catheterising for a few years. After a while I began to feel cold/wet on my boys bits so started wearing incontinence pads. Over time the wet feelings on my bits seemed to be getting worse although the pads were bone dry when touched by hand. I tried a catheter that was worn just like a condom with a tube which drained in to a collection bag. I stil got the cold/wet sensation but there was no evidence of a single drop of urine in the collection tube or bag. I saw a couple of posts where people had experienced similar sensations of cold/wet. Am I actually feeling this or am I going mad? If it’s real does it have a name? Hopefully someone can help

Hi Billyboy. I havent experienced sensations of wetness but i remember my MS Nurse telling me that quite a few of her patients do. I remember in particular that some of her patients feel as if their shoes and socks are wet

Thanks for your help.