WEIRD sensation - LADIES


For the last week and a half, I’ve felt constantly as if I need a wee, even if I don’t. It also feels distinctly like I’m leaking - but I’m not! Obviously I’m pleased there’s no leakage but the sensation is driving me to distraction - trying to ignore but leaving me very insecure.

No infection. Anybody else experienced this?

Hi, sorry to say but pretty ‘normal for MS’. It is an awful feeling… however, should never really assume anything is MS so if it carries on for a few more days you better see GP… esp if you get any pain when peeing or you get any other unusual symptoms.

Hope this helps,

Pat x


I agree with Pat, quite “normal” for ms, even to the point of sitting on the loo

and I am unsure if I am going or not, don’t seem to be able to feel anything, so

I listen! Sorry, probably too much information! Horrible feeling though.


Horrible feeling, I have this all the time. But it is helped a lot by taking solifenacin. See your GP, so you can get some relief. I had test after test for more than 8 months before I got meds, so go soon to prevent having to put up with it for ages! Hth, Teresa xx

I too am a big fan of Solifenacin!


Yes I get this but what a relief when I haven’t got to put on another pad!

Very annoying I know.

Take care


This sensation along with wet bum sensation seems common. Even weirder is the feeling youve had an accident and havent. So how do we tell the difference? Checking I expect.

Dont we experience weird and wonderful sensations. Shame we cannot all experience winning the lottery for real sensation eh.




anything to do with bladder can be sorted but it is a long and arduous task!! i have had botox-which is brill and use isc and take solifenacin. i have had every tablet for bladder but none worked.

has it been mentioned to you to do isc? i know it sounds yukky but what it means is that every couple of hours you totally drain your bladder so you will know you don’t really need to go. The constant urge is due to an irritable bladder so it just keeps spasm - ing (is that a word). having been there and done that i am now an expert on bladder trouble!!! you are only supposed to use up to 6 isc a day, sometimes i use more especially now that the botox has worn off (after 2 years!!!) and continence consultant says not ideal but ok as you have to do whatever suits your bladder.

do not suffer in silence. the continence nurses are excellent and really know their stuff (rather them than me) and as they deal with it all the time there is no embarrassment. get referred to see them and they will sort things.

good luck


Hi, I too get this and for some reason it is always at its worst during the night. I have been known to get up 8 or 9 times, as my gp once said it’s not even worth getting your bum cold lol. I am seeing the gp at the moment, having tests etc for this. Hope you get some relief from this soon. Karen

Uggh yes! This is a recent symptom of mine too…very frustrating. Nice to know I am not alone in having this horrible feeling xxx

Hi i had the sensation that i needed to go urgently, when i tried nothing happened. other times i got to the loo to late, but am on solifenacin, and yesterday started on isc, such a relieve.


I know that ‘as a male’, I shouldn’t be here but I have similiar ‘horrible sensations’. It had gone on the back of wetting the bed (not much) until I got a supra pubic catheter fitted (absolutly no pain and I had to look at the clock in the hospital to see if I had actually been unconious - and I had) but yes I’m now getting ‘that feeling’ of needing to go to the loo. Thanks for your advice.

Hi ! I know exactly what you are talking about! It is def an MS thing. It’s like your brain is taking the ‘piss’ out of you!!

I have had this feeling for a few years and it drives me mad. I would wake up with spasms in my back and although I knew it was just my brain having a laugh i had to go to the loo. This would happen about 6 times a night. It was awfull. The docs put me on diazipam to calm the spasms and it helps. I now have to use a catheter and take Ametrypteline every night. The amitrypteline calms my bladder and helps me sleep. When my MS wants to annoy me the problem comes back, especially if my symptoms come back, so I take a diazipam and go back to sleep. I often end up using the catheter over and over again and end up with infections.

You should ask your MS nurse to refer you to a continence nurse, you never know, maybe all you need is a wee pill to sort it !! I suppose you take lots of pills, so Im sure another one won’t make a difference!!

Please go see the Doctor or the MS nurse.

Keep smiling xxx

Thanks all for replies - the MS nurse will be trying me on a drug or two, but because I also have problems with hesitancy and retention I have to learn to self-cathaterise first. Nurse is visiting tomorrow to demo this - eep! But to be honest I wouldn’t much care what it takes, as long as it helps the problem. I mean, i’m glad my “leakage” is all in the mind (at the moment!!) but it’s kinda disheartening to be wearing incontinence pads / pants all day because I imagine i’m getting wet … Anyway, bring on the MS hurdle x

Hi all,

This subject has been brilliant for me. I have just got over my 1st UTI with 2 lots of antibiotics and altough I knoe the infection ahs gone the feeling of needing to pee or have actually peed is still there. Now I know this is normal i won’t worry to much but will mention it at my next Dr’s appt.

Thanks for all the answers