Bladder collapse

Hello everyone I haven’t been on here for a while, I was hoping someone might be able to give me some advice on bladder collapse. I’m 34 and have rrms, I’ve had ms for 5 yrs and my life has completely turned upside down for the worst. I received a results letter this morning saying I have a collapsed bladder. I read on the internet that Ur other organs can drop into you lady bits and that they hang down. I’m very confused as I don’t know if this is a ms problem or not. Any help will be much appreciated lisax

hi lisa

you need to contact whoever sent you the letter.

then get treatment.

just because we have ms doesn’t mean that we are immune to other ailments.

don’t scare yourself by reading up on the internet.

good luck

carole x

Thank you Carole, I had a scan on my belly this week to see if my liver had healed after the rebif damaged it,my nuro and ms nurse ordered the scan, my liver is back to normal now thankgod but the letter said my bladder collapsed. This was news to me this morning, so I’m really scared and abit lost. I’ve had bladder problems for 2 years and didn’t want to use catheters so I got discharged a year ago from the bladder team. I think I’m going to call my ms team as I’m very very lost now. Xxxx

It sounds like a prolapse and there is an op to fix it,one of my family had a prolapse and had the op to fix it.

a friend of mine had a prolapsed uterus.

not a nice thing to have but the op went well and 30 years later she is absolutely fine.

don’t get yourself in a state about it.

get medical help asap.

carole x

Thank you ladies for your help, I’m gonna call the team on Monday and wait for there call back, I’m hoping I don’t get passed around to much like they tend to do alot.xxxx


I’m happy to know your liver has recovered. Mine has behaved badly as a result of side effects from DMDs too. Your liver is a fabulous organ though, you can have ridiculously high LFTs and be told to ‘watch out for catastrophic liver failure’ (I was going on holiday to India and only got the agreement to go the day before the flight!) And having your liver scanned and told it’s a picture of health is no bad thing, especially with all the booze it’s had to cope with over my bad behaviour years (ie most of them since the age of 15!)

There are all kinds of wonderful things that can be done for bladders now. Hopefully you’ll get a proper explanation of what’s happened to yours and what your options are for making it better.

Did you have a particular reason for not wanting to do self catheterisation? I assume that’s what you meant by not wanting to use catheters. You may find that even if it’s just for a short while that you’ll need to. There’s no reason why it can’t be done successfully and without infections.

But let us know what the urologists / bladder specialists suggest and if there’s any advice you need over your various options. Someone is bound to have experience in whatever you need to do to sort out the problem.


Thank you ssssue for Ur kind reply, I did try catheters but found that all the silicone latex and rubber ones I had serious reactions to. I was told that if I went a pee at least 4 times aday then I would be safe from having any major problems. I set a timer everyday to make myself go, it is hard trying to get the pee out but if I persevere it dose wondering if my problem peeing has something to do with my bladder collapse. If it has then that means i could of had this for two years. I lost my mum and only have men in my lift, so I don’t have many people I can talk to. So thank you again for Ur reply it means alot to me. I will update you as soon as I find out what the plan will be xxxx