Bulk supplements are out of stock again at the moment. I’ve bought the purest supplement I can find until bulk supplements have stock again.


Yep - I had mine held by Royal Mail until I paid the duty …

Hi Spacejacket

whats the general consensus of people on it so far off the facebook group?

Also can someone provide the link to the exact product all in find in is one for $450

l did not pay any charges with my packet 100g from Bulk Supplements US.

Kris - Just read the facebook group - easy to join - and some interesting facts to find out on there - read the Files.

I’m trying to keep all my isues quiet and private so far and if I join that group it’ll become common knowledge, don’t get me wrong the way it’s going it’ll be common knowledge soon anyway unless it slows down

i had to pay a customs charge of £27 including £8 post office fees not for biotin for mitoq they told me they pick so many at random and i was just unlucky,so think it will be same for biotin.

J x

I ordered MitoQ and it never came!

ive got the mssential one on order too as it’ll save me taking 15 vitamins a day

I got my Biotin today. Also got scales & rice paper, so will make little parcels tonight. I didn’t have to pay any duty. Also started high strength vit 12. Fingers crossed.

I agree with not being on Facebook, for lots of reasons, mainly privacy. I hid MS from work for several years. Glad I did until I had to come out, as it were.

Ok folks,

i have completed tomorrow’s 3 x 100mg doses. It was extremely fiddly. Does anyone have any tips? (Using micro scales, tweezers & rice paper).


I cut up a sheet of rice paper into small squares and keep them in a little plastic container, with powder in another, and scales beside them. A knife blade is easier than a spoon as you can tap small amount off it. Remember that the rice paper weighs something too so allow for that. 100mg single dose reads 0.100g on scales. It really isn’t much,miss it!

That should read It really isn’t much, is it! Why does iPad autocorrect into rubbish!?

I was all set up with the rice paper but wanted to weigh out loads of daily doses in one day and store them. The rice paper didn’t prove flexible enough for this so I used plain old A4 printer paper …checked out how to fold little envelopes (on You Tube… sure it is for Biotin use of course!)…made up about a month and have them stored in a little box for daily doses. Means the scales are packed out the way til next month …I vary what I take it with … and haven’t resorted to the A4 paper yet!

Thanks Lynda & Higgs,

I shall use a knife, rather than the tweezers which came with the scales. I bought rice paper, so I could put the whole parcel in my mouth, as 0.1g really is diddy. Likewise, it isn’t easy to work with. I’m going to start the pharmaceutical grade today. I’ll keep the Amazon pills for when I go away. Little parcels with white powder could cause a serious delay in customs!!

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l use the tip of the handle of a teaspoon - and l also have put some of the powder into an empty LDN pot - so l can keep the rest in the fridge. This way l am not handling it too much. l put the piece of rice paper on the scales - before - switching them on - then they start at 00.00. With the rice paper - you just pop it into your mouth - no waste.

You can buy the empty gel capsules - and a kit for filling them from Amazon if you want to make them up.

Thanks. I’ll look into the capsule method.

how long was it before you noticed any difference?

Has anyone got a link of where to buy from I keep getting the wrong product I think

Bulk Supplements US. for Pure Powder Biotin. £120 for 100g. lncluding shipping - 333 days supply. Do not buy the 1% Biotin - make sure it says Pure. lf out of stock - they quickly re-stock so don’t worry. Their Biotin powder is pharma grade.

It says out of stock now I guess I’ll wait until it’s in stovk

Because of sudden demand - they are trying to keep up as quick as possible - you need to keep looking several times a day.

Pure is another provider.