Does anyone take Biotin and who do you get it from , just been stung by duty so ading to the price



I obtain my Biotin from PureBulk and take the hit on the VAT.

Take a look at the following threads as they may help.

I have yet to contact the UK supplier for a price comparison.

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I’ve literally just ordered some on amazon. I’ve gone for one that’s mixed with Alpha Lipoic acid purely because the price is right and I did read something about the acid recently (can’t remember exactly what without searching but it was MS related) and the price was right as. If they’re ok, I’ll get higher quantity next time as better cost too.

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Hi Sonia,

I’m told the ones on Amazon are no good…it has to be totally pure. My first order was powder from the USA, my second was capsules from America and I’ve just received my first order from the uk…the capsules work out about 3p more from the uk so if you don’t get stung for duty the American ones are actually cheaper but we decided to use the uk company in the hope that their prices will improve as more people buy them. The details of the UK company are on the Facebook page, biotin for progressive MS.

Hope you are as well as you can be, Take Care Sonia,

Nina x

Thanks Nina,

I’ll have another look. It was actually a neuro that nudged me in that direction. I’m going to have a look at the alpha lipoic article too.

Sonia x

Hi Sonia,

It’s probably because they can’t prescribe it but there is a supplier in the uk, I had my latest batch from them, I don’t think they are actually any cheaper but at least they are free delivery and no duty to pay


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Hi I have been taking Biotin 300mg capsules once a day and i buy this from a Compounding Chemist over here in Australia this way i am getting the real Biotin from the chemist.

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My Biotin comes from UK, of which I have found two that provide Biotin (Pharma grade) no problem

One supplier can provide as 100 mg tablets, while the other provides as 100 mg capsules - I’ve used and taken both and finally settled on the 2nd supplier as I find it suits my daily routine (and is also marginally cheaper)

Once ordered, delivery has been within two days for both sources so no problem

I avoided doing the powder as this would come from US which many have used, and involves Import tax, and measuring out each dosage on a small set of scales (and for that I can’t do with the “mucking about”)