High strength Biotin supplier

Hi, I would be grateful if someone on this community forum could recommend a supplier of high strength Biotin either in the UK or Europe. My mother has primary progressive MS and has been purchasing 100mg capsules of Biotin from a supplier in the US. She takes 300mg per day and the supplier she has been using is Skip Pharmacy in Florida. It typically costs her around £50 a month once we take shipping into account. However, Skip Pharmacy will only supply Biotin via amazon in the US. Amazon US will not ship the Biotin to the UK. Thanks for any advice.




I also take 300mgs of Biotin daily but in concentrated powder form.

I obtain Pharma grade Biotin powder from the USA and it costs me about £150, including taxes, for a year’s supply.

A measuring spoon is also required to obtain the correct dosage. If you are interested in the details please send me a personal message.

I do not know of any UK or European suppliers.


Have a look

I have used this before and shipping is no problem even though it comes from New Zealand

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Join the facebook group and the files section has details of suppliers and prices.

What are the benefits of taking Biotin ?

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