BIOTIN Dosage (again)

I ran out of Biotin a couple of months ago. With my lack of memory, I’ve no idea of when to take, how much etc. I’m reticent to buy any without the experience & sage advice of other PPMS folks here.

I’m unable to use a measure spoon, have no-one to help me every day (fab family, lots of support etc…they all work).Hubby too worried to dispense.

May I ask for suggestions i.e Make, Size of Dose how many Milligrams. There is 10,000ug or something doses which says do not exceed dose, but that’s for hair growth.

I’m looking for that feel good factor that made such a positive difference to my family, friends & myself. Some time ago, I took 3 or 4 Pure Biotin tablets every morning, just don’t recall the size.

Argh, I’m sorry to be so vague with hundreds of words, it’s my way of life nowadays.

Thanks in anticipation,

Chrissie x

Hi Chrissie, I get them from here and take 3 x 100mg daily 100mg Pure Biotin x 100 pieces – nautree – the wellbeing people Don’t get confused with the ‘high dose’ 10,000 mcg, that’s for hair and nails and hence very cheap. Sonia x

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Can anyone tell me how long you’ve used these Biotin tablets for? Also, can you say if you noticed any difference in energy, feeling good & enjoying life more?

I found the first Biotin I took (3 per day), really helped. I felt fab, in good mental health & literally happy with my life. I only stopped it 'cos I was in hospital for a while. I bought Biotin from a different supplier, but didn’t get the same result.

The PPMS ‘damage’ has increased in a few ways, my interest in anything is waning due to poor cognition.

I’ve also been recommended LDN. My gp won’t prescribe it & said it’s used to reduce heroin addiction.

Cheers, Chrissie xx

LDN in bigger doses is used for heroin addiction and alcohol addiction. My GP was shocked when I asked her about it she had never heard of it used for anything else. My neuro just looked at me as if I were mad when I asked if he would let me have it.

I would try the biotin you had at first if it worked well, it might again, it is worth a try.

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I have been taking pharmaceutical grade Biotin for a few years now and well worth it for a calmer bladder, in my opinion.

My GP has prescribed LDN on the NHS since 2004 and my only regret is not starting it sooner. It sounds like your GP could benefit from some specific information and this might help.


Really interesting replies so far thanks.

Sonia - is that the supplier you use & have you noticed any difference in feeling brighter?

Jaydee - I totally agree it might be better to use Biotin. However, your gp & Neuro sound as ‘up to date’ as mine which is frustrating. Do you use Biotin, LDN, or both?

Whammel - thanks so much for the link to hopefully educate those professionals currently unable to prescribe. Do you take Biotin, LDN or both?

Anymore info or suggestions, are more than welcome.

Chrissie x

Yes I take both, but in my experience ldn is more effective at improving mood and cognitive function. Obviously, I am happy to help if you have any other questions.

Yes, naltrexone is used for coming off heroin in large doses, however, LDN (LOW DOSE naltrexone) helps your body make some extra endorphins - so many find it useful dealing with symptoms, I only stopped it due to a trial requirement. Yes Chrissie, others have noticed some mobility changes, most obvious to me is bladder function - not perfect but frequency is quite a lot calmer four months in. The supplier I’ve shown is just in process of changing packaging - bonus as it’ll fit thru letterbox now. Sonia x