Had a biopsy on a lump on my back on Monday - got worked up about it - going to hospital etc - also concerned as to what it may be.

Tuesday - Wednesday felt unwell - legs all over the place - could barely walk - things eased a bit today.

Family say physical problems due to stress related to biopsy (painless procedure!)

But why should that be the case for pwms - anyone else having a similar experience isn’t going to end up with wobbly legs !

I know what you men, my legs are a law unto themselves.

They need a good slapping!

I have found a way to make my MS behave - fracture a bone or two with a lot of pain and MS doesn’t even try to compete!

Nah Nah na Nah Nah!

Hope the results of your biopsy are kind ones.


HI crac, hope the results arent bad…let us know.yeh?


thanks - I should be getting a telephone appointment for the results towards the end of the month.