Hi all. daughter and her frends went out to bingo on sat night, Come with us they all said.

Six of us went l had not been in years, then you could have 3 cards we had to have 6 this time, the lady caller went so fast no one could keep up with her. Don t no how many numbers we missed but l can say we had a laugh and no on won.

Don t no if we will go again something slower for me l think,

Somone said how about skating next time WHAT l could not do that on 2 good legs so l will sit and hold coats .

Regards to all Jan xxx

6 cards!!! No wonder you couldn’t keep up Jan!

I play 2 cards at our little bingo downstairs (usually 7 of us & I play for the caller as well as myself) and believe me that’s enough! Sometimes I feel in a bit of a panic trying to keep up with my neighbours (average age 80 and I’m not yet 60!)

Love the image of you holding onto coats and whizzing across the ice… lol…

Pat x