BG12 Tecfidera given green light in England

Great news. Says patients should be able to begin tablets by October.

Hi Lenney How did you find this out? Im waiting to start on Tecfidera when it’s finally available in England. Thanks Ruth x

It was posted on the news feed of this website this morning around 8.30am to 9am. I did a screen shot of it. Then not long after it was taken off the news feed. I’m not sure why.

That’s strange! There’s a news item been published on the MS Trust site this morning about it. The article says thats neurologists should be able to prescribe Tecfidera from November 2014, so still a bit of a wait for it. Ruth x

Thanks Ruth, I looked at the MS Trust website news.

I saw my neurologist on Tuesday this week and she sugggested i try Tecfidera if and when it becomes available. She reckoned it should be within the next 2 months. Does anyone if the green light has finally been given on this treatment.


Yes the final draft has been given the greenlight now. If you look on the news part of this website there’s a bit about it that has been added today. Also on the MS Trust wesbite there is news about it on their news feed. The MS Trust wesbite mentions neurologists can start prescribing it from November. MS Society mentions from October.