Beteferon side effects

Hello, I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how long it takes usually for betaferon injection side effects to kick in? I have done two injections now and each time it has taken between six and seven hours before cold/flu effects to start. If, like they suggest I do the injection at night, I would be rough during the next day as the side effects are lasting about 6 hrs. I did the first one with the nurse at 1 pm, s/e started at 7pm and was fine by 3am. 2nd one I did at 5pm, s/e started at 11.30pm and was still groggy yesterday morning. I know it effects everyone differently nut wondered what the ‘norm’ was? Just need to know really because I do the school runs with my granddaughter who us only five, I want to be ok for 8am and for 3pm. (Sorry, a long, waffling one) Best wishes and happy Sunday, Sue x

Hi Sue

Well as you said its different for everyone but for me…

8pm - paracetamol and ibuprofen

9pm - inject


7am - wake up and immediatly grab for the water and paracetamol

If I do this im completly fine

Good luck injecting


T xx

I was on Rebif for 3 years before switching to Gilenya in December. In the early days I too found the side effects persisted the next morning so I took ibuprofen at night when I did the injection and then went straight to bed. I then took more ibuprofen as soon as I woke up the next morning which would get me through the worst that morning. By lunchtime, I would be okay.

The side effects did ease off after the first couple of months and didn’t trouble me any more. Hopefully, your body will soon adjust too.

Tracey x

Thank you for your replies, Can’t help but wonder why it is taking six hours for the side effects to kick in. Did the injection at one o clock today again and not expecting side effects until about seven. Like you say, we are all different, it’s just a matter of getting used to how it affect us individually. Expecting a call from the beteferon nurse tomorrow so will run it by her then too. (I must say once I get warm in bed and get to sleep it’s not that bad, at least I can sleep through it) and all for a good cause -I keep telling myself :wink: Best wishes Sue x

Hi Orchid

I’m not sure if this post will be of any use to you at all but i used to be on Rebif about 4yrs ago. After the initial injection i had the flu like symptoms within the 1st hour of injecting, and they lasted all night. On waking the next morning i didn’t have the flu symptoms but i felt exhausted! I perservered with these injections for about a yr, but unfortunately the side effects didn’t ease off at all and i decided i couldn’t carry on trying to work and cope with feeling crappy all the time!! I decided to come off all treatment and relapsed quite badly. I am now on Tysabri infusions and i have to say in my eyes this is a miracle treatment! Everybody tolerates treatments differently, but i must admit i’m not sure why your side effects take so long to kick in! My personal advice would be to investigate other treatments and options to you especially if these injections are interfering with your day to day life. I hope this is some help to you. Fingers crossed that you find something that works :slight_smile: