Best temporary relief from pain

Im trying to revise and its very distracting. My pain in my arm!!! Pain killers do nothing , what helps?

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Hi again,

There’s no one thing that’s best for everyone, but if it’s nerve pain, you probably need a neuropathic painkiller - prescription only, I’m afraid.




try warming it and then cooling it.

trick it into thinking something else.

seriously our brains try to make sense of things.

with ms it says to itself (my brain talks to itself all the time) “there’s something amiss, signal pain so that she will do something about it”. then it will say “oh it’s too hot” then “oh it’s too cold” and hopefully it will stop signalling pain.

just a thought but might be worth a try.

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HAHAha! Thank you xxx.


pigpens suggestion often works! always icecubes in my house-helps with pain/inflammation in my feet


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Thanks carole and Ellie!

I used a bag of sweetcorn and a hot water bottle and it did help! But if i just stop writing for a while it goes away too! But cant stop writing atm! however did resort to typing!

I think my pain is triggered when i try to do fine motor movements like writing or doing buttons.

hi cosine

try to write wih your wrist relaxed.

t may not look like your handwriting but at least it’s getting done.

try different pens. i love the papermate ball points, easy grip and the ink flows smoothly.

i started painting watercolours when first diagnosed and my writing became terrible.

the loose hold used for watercolours helped loads.

just trying to come up with different ideas for you to try.

use or disregard as you feel fit.

good luck

carole xx

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Oh thank you! I wish I asked you before!! My handwriting does look crazy but it doesnt hurt so much!! I had my last exam of may today! I have to sit 2 in Aug because of not being well! Thank you so much for your clever pieces of advice carole! You must write a MS help book! Id pre order it!

I use Lidocaine patches for breakthrough neuropathic pain. Nothing else works (paracetemol, ibuprofen, co-codamol, tramadol, naproxen, morphine etc etc). It seems to me that what happens is the Lidocaine numbs the nerves and that “resets” the brain into not creating the pain in the first place.

Hope this helps

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l know for ‘repetitive strain injury’ it can sometimes be helped with simple exercises to strengthen/and relax the wrist and arm.

Tens machine might help also. The hot and cold idea can also give you some relief. The ice - makes the capilliaries open and the blood come to the surface to try to warm up the very cold area. Then the warmth relaxes it. l find it works in the shower - have a fairly hot shower - and before finishing turn the temperature down slowly until you can get it as cold as you can bare. You will find it refreshing and when you come out of the shower you actually warm up quicker. lt helps me with neck/shoulder/back pain - and also gets my legs working better. l know that footballers and athletes get into a bath of ice to help their muscles recover from exertion. l might do that if l was paid the same as the top footballers.

Surface nerve pain can also be helped by rubbing Sensodyne toothpaste on it. lt works well with the pain from shingles.

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Thank you so much! Are available OTC?

Oh fasinating! Thank you for your ideas!

About the footballer ice water thing! I actually have been to this human performance lab at GSK. They said the cold water actually helps because it stops blood flowing to the muscle and hencethe normale recovery response which is inflamation etc all of which case aches and pain. So it helps them work out day after day without muscle aches. Its good for short term like footballers but for long term use it has been debated because you are actually stopping your body from healing your muscles so not ideal for olympians .

I actually found that fasinating and even so the ice water that they get the athketes into. Google HPL lab GSK London!