Any suggestions welcome

Hello. This is rather a pathetic beg for advice. I am having the most crap day with my arm. It feels like it’s been submerged in ice for hours and now someone is holding a blow torch to it. Combine that with stabbing pains in my fingers and rippling muscles I am at my wits end. I’ve tried amitryptaline in the past but because of my shift work I couldn’t take it every day. The only relief I get is when I have a boiling hot bath and keep my arm in the water. The sensation of hot water takes away or supersedes the sensory symptoms. I literally want to hack my arm off. I can’t take it anymore. Any suggestions, tips on how o can relieve this… please. Incidentally I don’t have a diagnosis.

I don’t have anything helpful to offer you, I just hate seeing a post go unanswered. Especially one where you are experiencing such pain. I’ve not suffered that kind of pain before.

The only advice I would have offered is Amitriptyline, which is a great neuropathic pain drug if you can take it.

Is there anyway you could try again with it? I know you said you tried but your shift work made it impossible. But can you manage it in small doses just each day/night a couple of hours before you want to sleep? It would mean you’re taking it at different times each day/week, depending on your shift pattern, but worth a go?

Otherwise, microwaveable heat packs? There are some that you can either freeze or microwave. Alternatively, hot water bottles?

You may not have a diagnosis, but are you seeing / being tested by a neurologist? What tests have you had?


i was just about to suggest microwavable wheat pads. i’ve had a very painful stiff neck for a couple of months and was doubtful the wheat pad would work. however it worked like magic! they have different shapes, eg for neck and shoulders, for stomach ache. and a hot water bottle shape for anything you would normally use a hot water bottle for.

Thanks for your replies. I think I will have to have another go with amitryptaline. The pain in so intermittent. One day it can be raging and I’m dragging my nails down the wall and the next day it feels ok. Hot water bottles are literally my best mates. I’ve even taken to strapping them onto painful areas with scarves, desperate times… I am under the care of a neurologist at the moment. This one is the third I’ve seen in as many years. Had MRI’s, lumbar puncture, vep but nothing conclusive is showing. A bit annoyed also because I was due to see him end of August but had a letter through the other day saying it’s been changed to end of December. 4 weeks I could cope with but 4 months is taking the mick a bit I think but there’s not much I can do about it. I think I could function normally if I could just stop the pain.