I have recently experienced a very stressful time followed by my mothers death.

I was away from home for about 10 days and I thought I was coping well.

When I returned home I was tired as I would have expected but after a day or so my MS was suddenly a lot worse.

I have SPMS.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?


hi jane

most of us are only too aware that stress makes our ms worse.

emotional upheaval causes stress.

i’m really sorry for your loss.

you need to be kind to yourself, rest as much as possible, eat well even though you may not feel like it.

sending you virtual love and hugs.

carole x

Hi Jane,

My wife and I were running a guest house on the south coast. During 2009 I realised that we would be unable to pay the mortgage because of falling occupancy. We lost both our home and our income simultaneously .

I developed optic neuritis and foot drop as well as urinary incontinence and was diagnosed with PPMS in early 2010.

With hindsight I could see I had symptoms that were indicative of MS but too insignificant to cause any worry. However the possession of our property is the most stressful thing I’d experienced in over 50 years and seems to have pitched my immune system into overdrive so that it attacked my own nervous system.

I believe that the two events are linked. And, yes, the process was similar to a bereavement.

What I don’t understand is that the disease hasn’t stopped. The decline in my mobility has been slow but follows a typical, declining, PPMS course . It’s as if the “attack” switch is permanently on.

Best wishes,


Lost my dad in 2013 and mum last year in 2016 - still feeling the pain…

Hi Jane, please accept my sincere condolences with the loss of your mum.

Of course it will affect your MS…a shock like that will take a while to recover…but you`ll always miss your mum.

love Pollxx

Hi Jane,

I think you are doing incredibly well with this huge loss. MS is affected so very much be stress and that level of stress is one of the worst. Rest plenty and just allow yourself to grieve.

Best wishes,