I was diagnosed with MS about 20 years ago and up until about 2 years ago had no problems, unfortunately I am struggling now as I have had various symptoms that have got gradually worse and I know my boss would rather me leave my job, can anyone help with what sort of benefits I would be entitled to claim. Thanks

I suggest you get advise from the CAB with regard to your employment rights and potential entitlement to benefits if you become unemployed. In terms of PIP, that is not related to your employment status. You can check for entitlement on the CAB website: Personal Independence Payment - Citizens Advice


Its not as easy as many people (daily mail readers?!) think to qualify for disability benefits and even if you should qualify often involves a really stressful fight with the DWP needing resolving at a tribunal! Lots of others will be able to offer more on that side of things.

On the matter of your employment “I know my boss would rather me leave my job”. Well unfortunately for him/her there is such a thing as the equality act,under which as someone with ms you are automatically classed as disabled and are afforded some protection from disability discrimination,and you are entitled to ask for “reasonable” adjustments to be made to help you stay in work.Heres a useful website Home Page | Equality and Human Rights Commission they have a helpline and can advise on specifics of equality act and can i think probably help you with making sure your employer follows the law. Also of course theres Acas who are a great source of info on employment issues including Equality act Acas | Making working life better for everyone in Britain.

I would not rush to give up work without exhausting all protections from Equality act and definately not voluntarily(DWP less likely to pay benefits?)make your bosses bend over backwards to help you stay at work.Of course the protection the equality act affords you is only applicable if your firm knows of your disabled status(Ms). Acas have advised me in the past that Email is accepted as evidence in tribunals so i would suggest backing up any verbal communications you have with the boss with email as evidence should you be dismissed illegally and need to take them to a tribunal.

Good luck


The PIP form sample only: ‘How your disability effects you.’

Thanks Sue I will look into this