Benefits assessments

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Scotland says there is no room for private companies doing assessments and making a profit. I really hope Theresa May’s government and everyone in parliament take note of this and do something positive.

I think the MS Society need to take this on board and petition parliament. Also what about writing to your MP?


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Hi Patrick, your link doesn’t work. Damn it.

The problem is that private companies carrying out DWP assessments is now so well rooted in the benefits system that it’s hard to see how it can be altered. However much we wish it.


The one thing that the government take notice of is a petition frpm 38 Degrees with 100,000 signatures on.

Remember, they have a very slim majority, and the opposition would love to force them into another general election.
This could be the only chance that Jeremy C has of getting to Downing St. Not to mention his only chance of survival.
A little bit of pressure on Mrs M will not hurt at all.

I thought Atos in Scotland had sub contracted PIP assessments (not ESA) out the NHS a few years ago, and not noticed anything else recently. If only we had some Scots that used this site. This is a Daily Record report from 2014.

Hi I am from this wild land called scotland the UK government have devolved the power to run the disabled benifits system

For scotland to the Scottish government they at present are in the process off setting this up how far they have got I don’t

But hear positive things .what the criteria for pip will be we will see .But at the moment it sounds positive.

Hi there, another Scot here. I have an appointment tomorrow with Independent Assessment Services who used to be called Atos Healthcare.

I have been stressed out since I got the letter.

Mags xx


I have been having stress with the DWP. If you are on benefits and every time you receive any money and your NI number is known the DWP will know about it. Get permission to work forms when ever possible

So this will include pension and any other taxable income. It can be stressful cos they know why they want to see you however they only issue a standard letter so you do not know why they want to see you.

They assume you know difference between ESA, DLA, and other benefits plus you understand everything on a bank statement. My wife does the finances but not allowed to attend the interview. It is a bit of a ‘Spanish inquisition’ and leaves a nasty taste in the mouth




For the article in the Independent try this URL