benefit help...what am i entitled to?

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I was just wondering if anyone can give me any advice…Since completing round 2 of Lemtrada last year I have reduced my hours in work due to fatigue, general ms pain and now a bulged disc and annuar tear (probably caused by work). I currently work 20/25 hours per week in a very physical job and i am finding it really tough physically and financially. I currently get PIP ( standard daily living allowance only) and working tax credits but would i be entitled to esa if i left my job? Or can i reduce my hours even further and receive esa? If i was to leave my job do i just get a letter from my doctor to say i am not fit to do it or how do i go about it? I just feel like i really need some time off…its been a tough few years :frowning: . Am i entitled to any other help with mortgage payments (i am single)? Thanks in advance

Have a look at Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) - Citizens Advice or

You could try and see a benefits advisor from for eg the CAB, see what they can advise you to do. It’s way too dangerous for anyone on here to attempt to advise you. Or of course, for you to accept someone’s advice.


What you mustn’t do is just resign, you mustn’t just give your notice in. You need yo take proper advice.

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I agree with Krakowian; to get proper legal advice contact Multiple Sclerosis Legal Advice Line | Disability Law Service


Check if you have critical illness cover on your mortage too,if you have it can pay your mortgage off.I would ring welfare rights up to ask for advice on what you will be able to claim if you leave work.

Thanks everyone. ill contact them today. I find the whole benefit thing overwhelming and very confusing.

Get legal advice and benefits advice. I must point out PIP is not means tested - you continue to get that. ESA IS, so if you have over a certain amount in savings you won’t get it.

It will all come down to the households incomings and outgoings.

okay thanks. Is it possible to work part time an get esa?

Not possible to get ESA while working, might your tax credits increase? Although voluntarily reducing you’re hours might have a negative impact on your tax credits.

As previously stated get advice from Citizens Advice or Welfare Rights before doing anything.