Bending over with increased parasthesia Is this like l'hermittes?

Hi Guys

Something I’ve been noticing lately when I go to my yoga session is whenever I bend down to touch my toes and hold I get an increase in pins and needles in my feet and sudden intense itching to the point I can only hold the posture for a short duration. It’s not bothering me - I’ll just do something different or not hold as long.

I just wandered whether anyone else had this. Is it possible to have something similar to l’hermittes but when you bend your back? I thought this suggests maybe it’s all spine related but then again I’m no expert (My MRI and my spine was absolutely normal 1 1/2 years ago).

Any thoughts? Still trying to get through to numpty managers so I can get a follow-up neuro review.




I have no idea what the cause is, but I get it too - my legs buzz all the time, but touching my toes and similar makes it go temporarily nuts. (Technical term, that :-)) Karen x

Hi Karen

Thanks for the reply - going nuts is a good way to describe the sensation. Might stick it up on everyday living to ask the others out of interest whther they’ve had anything similar. It’s very bizarre :slight_smile:



I just get the letter thru after my initial Neuro appointment and it mentions L’hermittes - it was in reference to the tingles that go down my back when I tip my head forward. On bad days the tingles will travel right past my back, even as far as my calves and on a couple of rare occasions to my feet too. I wrongly assumed that this was due to tension between my shoulders til it started travelling but by then I’d been referred to the spinal unit and silly me was thinking it was a trapped nerve or something.

I googled L’hermittes earlier as I didn’t even know what it meant! Along with several other phrases in his letter for that matter

Anyway, I guess this is something that affects each of us differently, much like everything else MS related :wink:

Sonia x