Being usseful

Hello from a damp small town in East Sussex.

Sometimes we all may feel a bit useless. You know those days when you drop everything and nothing goes righg.

Before in the kitchen I foolishly thought i was doing well just before knocking over an open spice jar full of ground coriander. Now my wheelchair is bespattered with this fragrant fine powder, I’m now leaving a spice trail.

But I’ve been thinking about feeling useful. And we still are:


I feel guilty when I’m offside as hubby does ALL shopping, dog walks, cooking, driving me around, laundry, chores & responsibilities & all I do is moan about yet another uti, fatigue, even fall asleep in front of him during a conversation!

But the other day I got hubby £100 off his car insurance renewal quote, just with a phone call to the same Company & identical cover. So, yes, I was useful that day.

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