being positive and staying positive

Reading your post - l could recognise how l was up till 6yrs ago. Fatigue/pain/depression etc. Then several peeps on here told me about LDN - and l started taking it. Now l know it does not seem to suit everyone - but for me it was life changing. ln fact its one of the things people comment about me - how positive l am. l know its not a cure - but it certainly makes life easier - and l find l cope so much better. Far less fatigue - and for most it helps with bladder control. l just wish l had known about it years ago. Recently, a friend of mine has started taking it - she wasn’t very hopeful - then she surprised herself when she found she had walked a favourite route that she had not managed for a long time. Now she finds she is tired - because she has done so much during the day.

l feel very upbeat on LDN - also a high dose vitd3/magnesium/b12 l hate taking any meds that make me drowsy - foggy brain. OK, l still cannot walk unaided - but you would be amazed at how much l can manage to do. And l rarely sit down all day - just hang on to my rollator!! And use my Tramper to get out with the dogs - now that is sitting down - but the rough ground l go over bumps me about and l need to brace myself to stay in control - so this must be also working muscles.

l am now 67 - and l have had ~PPMS for 32yrs.

Thanks so much J. It has hit me quite hard to be honest but I know I was not safe to drive. My right foot would not always lift from the accelerator to hit the break pedal. Thanks for the hug, It has really helped,

Hope you feel a bit better today Carole.

Shazzie xx

Glad to hear you are feeling more positive carole

Hope going to the therapy centre has helped, you can’t beat a good chat and giggle. Chocolate and online shopping really helps me

Take care xx


am delighted to hear u r feeling stronger again…