Positive Outlook

Please tell me how you keep a positive outlook on life.
I feel very negative. My mobility is worsening, I catheterise 5 times a day so however positive my day is going that gets to me.
I want to be positive, there are many things that make me happy, but my condition is getting the better of me at the moment.
I need a good shake. What can I do to feel more positive going forward?

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Blimey, this is a big question, I wish there was a nice and simple answer, if there was we would be a lot happier. Sometimes we need to fight, sometimes we need to accept and sometimes I just want to lock myself in a darkened room and weep / sob.
My personal strategy involves looking for the victory / silver lining no matter how small and treat it like I won the biggest prize. If I struggle to find good bits I move on to noting any bad stuff narrowly avoided.
I also tweak my mood by looking at the garden flowers (all my wifes work) or if it is dark or winter I go through old photo albums (paper or digital) to re live some of the better times. If you need to wallow in sadness, go for it but do not let it take control. I wish I could offer a more useful comment to help, and really hope that you feel less bad soon.
All the best


I don’t have as many problems as you and Mick yet, but like him, I just try to find the good things as often as possible.

It upset me when I had to stop working, but I find joy in the fact that I finally don’t have to set the alarm, and I have a steady income every month that doesn’t require anything on my part.

My house is desperately in need of a thorough cleaning, but the good thing is that my dog won’t let anyone inside except immediate family, so no one’s going to see the mess!

If I’m having a worn-out day, I try to be grateful for the fact that I can sleep when I want to and don’t even have to get dressed if I don’t feel like it.

I read lightweight favorite fiction, but if it’s a day when the words are blurring or I find myself reading the same page over and over again, I play kids’ computer games. None of that violent role-playing stuff; just silly things with giggling animals or dancing gemstones.

Sometimes I look up children’s songs on YouTube and sing along while swaying in my chair. I have a small collection of stuffed animals, and sometimes I have them dance with me. There are times when nothing is as comforting as a soft and squishy toy.

I’m able to sit outside on a covered porch, and I’ve turned bird watching into a game, simply because there are days when I don’t see any!

Don’t be afraid to do something silly. If it’s something that will make you laugh, then do it! I’m all for whatever takes my mind off the frightening things that are happening to my body.


No easy answer but I do understand completely, I think many of us feel like that from time to time. Hope you pick yourself up soon xx

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