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Hi all this is my first post and wondered if anyone learned people can advise me on my situation. I work for the prison service and unfortunately my place of work is being renovated for 36 weeks. Whilst this is happening we are all being told we have to work in other prisons! I have voiced my concerns to the hr representative who asked me where I wanted to go stating I couldn’t go anywhere as my wife has relaxing remitting ms and doesn’t drive so relies totally on me to get around. She doesn’t walk anywhere really nowadays without support as she doesn’t want to be stuck somewhere if fatigue hits her or her balance gets worse and so on. My question is is there anything I can do legally to support my case in not having to travel. my place of work will still have staff there whilst it is being renovated. My wife is already going to the Dr’s to increase her anti depressants due to this predicament and I am worried for her general wellbeing

Sorry you haven’t had a reply yet, I did see your original post but couldn’t help. I don’t think they are obliged to do anything other than finding you somewhere else to work. What did HR have to say in response to your request? I can only suggest you consult a union rep they might intervene on your behalf.

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Hi thanks for your response. We have managed to get a letter from my wife’s ms nurse to hand in to hr

Hi again.

It occurs to me that it might be worth trying citizens advice. They do have a legal department.

Try speaking to your work again about your wife and ask if they would consider allowing you to be one of the people that remains there?.

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Try ringing the head office on the free phone number above they might be able to give you advice as to the legal side, they might be able to point you in the right direction.

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First of all, welcome to the site

Sorry your wife has relapse remitting MS/

This must be a real worry for you both.

I just wanted to say what has been said above. The letter from your wife’s MS Nurse should help. I really hope it does.

Good luck.

Shazzie x

I don’t think that your employer is under any obligation to adapt your working conditions due to the condition of your spouse. This situation will only be sorted by good will. You will not be able to follow any legal routes but need to appeal to your managers to be flexible because of your special circumstances. Your Union may be able to help but I would be wary of taking what could be seen as an adversarial stance because it may have the opposite effect.

Good luck for getting the right outcome for you and your wife.

Just wondering if you are unable to stay close to home,maybe ring the social services to see if they can help. This is, after all a domestic urgency.Pollx