admin trial

Well, had a meeting this afternoon with HR and the sister in charge. I was told her main concern was the speed of and how I walk…errrm, I’m sure that my having MS was the first thing mentioned at our first meeting and all my symptoms and problems discussed with her. I couldn’t believe what i was hearing!! So!! Unless i miraculously turn into a white, female version of Mo Farrah, i reckon I’m pretty much screwed… *sigh…oh well…

Hi, Sorry to hear of your meeting. I know you’ve messaged “Garryh92” on the same situation. (10th June) read the comments for some advice.

Try and be strong, its going to be a hard battle for you.

Please take notes and record all events which happen to you and the next time you have a meeting, take a union rep or person you can trust with you for support. It can be really bad sitting there by yourself, answering personal questions.

If they offer you ill health retirement, take your time to think. It might be the right time for, at least they are talking about it.

Good luck. Andy

Is the Admin Trial a redeployment thing or am I misunderstanding the job title? If the only complaint she has is the speed and the way you walk, you must be doing ok at the job itself. Good luck Jan

You have told your employer that you have MS and they are legally obliged to make reasonable adjustments to enable you to do your work - they should not need reminding that MS is specifically named as covered in the Equality Act. Since your walking is affected, expecting you to move as fast as Mo Farrah is most definitely not reasonable, unless they give you a mobility scooter. They need to allow you time to get around at your speed or reshuffle the responsibilities so you remain at your desk and someone else does the running around.

Are you in a union? If so, get your rep on board. If not, try Access to Work or ACAS for support and more specific advice.

Hi. Thanks all. Yes it’s a redeployment trial and they’ve given me another week to see how l get on. My walking and speed of walking isn’t going to change though. I personally think the sister in charge doesn’t want someone with health issues and would rather put the post out to advert. Thanks for advising me to get my union rep involved. I had her come to my sickness review meetings but never thought of having her for these ones’. I’ll contact her now. Cheers ppl xx Hope you’re all as well as can be xx

Have you been assessed by occupational health? When I had a long spell off work after a car accident and returned back to work and I had to go to see OH. As a result ‘access to work’ came in and reasonable adjustments were made. As my health has deteriorated I am now covered by the DDA, which means I can’t just be dismissed without my employer trying to overcome any obstacles. Not wanting someone ill, on the ward is not sufficient, it will come down to, which is where I am at at the minute, ‘compentency’ can you do your job or not despite reasonable adjustments. I would ask HR for a copy of their policy on how they treat staff with disabilities, ms is an illness but it is also a disability. Yes, and do take someone with you, feeling out numbered is intimidating alone being there on your own. The benefit of taking someone is that at least they can take some notes for you or ask questions on your behalf. All the best…Lou x