being forced to work away

Hi all this is my first post and wondered if anyone learned people can advise me on my situation. I work for the prison service and unfortunately my place of work is being renovated for 36 weeks. Whilst this is happening we are all being told we have to work in other prisons! I have voiced my concerns to the hr representative who asked me where I wanted to go stating I couldn’t go anywhere as my wife has relaxing remitting ms and doesn’t drive so relies totally on me to get around. She doesn’t walk anywhere really nowadays without support as she doesn’t want to be stuck somewhere if fatigue hits her or her balance gets worse and so on. My question is is there anything I can do legally to support my case in not having to travel. my place of work will still have staff there whilst it is being renovated. My wife is already going to the Dr’s to increase her anti depressants due to this predicament and I am worried for her general wellbeing.


Can I suggest you copy and paste this question on the everyday living thread. You will get more responses on there.

Good luck xx