Being Confirmed this evening!

Hi gang, very pleased to tell you that I’m being Confirmed into the Anglican Church this evening at 7.30, by the Bishop of Edmonton. 62 years after my baptism… lol… better late than never!

Excited & happy!!! (and nervous!!!).

Friends of faith please pray for me. Thank you.

Talking of faith, the Mosque that was attacked is quite near to where I live & my heart goes out to the Muslim man who was killed & the Muslims who were injured. Poor old London. We are taking quite a battering but in the midst of all this tragedy there is an outpouring of love & community spirit. We will overcome.

Hope everyone is doing well in this heat! I’m wearing a crocheted top tonight… I’ll melt!

Love to all,

Pat xx


Congratulations Pat. Have a lovely evening xx

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Good to hear from you Pat. I know you’ve been very busy. There’s loads of sad stuff on the news just now, it makes you scared to go out. I’m sure that you will look nice tonight in your crotched top. I hope Dickie is okay. Frazer is tired from all of the hot weather. Michelle and Frazer xx sent from my mobile phone

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Don’t fear going out Michelle. It’s only media pushing to get funding back into services.

The disabled & problems are being used as bait to highlight every issue known to mankind.

This last few years as shown me the true sickness on this planet. It’s called jealousy.

The world is rife with fakery! Just be yourself & get out into the countryside.

Nature rules!


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Congratulations Pat,

I hope it all went well and you didn’t melt in your new top?!

Take Care,

Love Nina xx

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Well done Pat, hope it all went well.

Pam x

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Congratulations Pat

Sonia x

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Hi Pat, how was it?