Hi friends!

This is all very new isn’t it? I think this is the 3rd or 4th revamped website since I joined about a million years ago!
Been very busy here. Managed to get my 93 yr old mum a flat is same building as me. In fact directly under me. She moved in 3 months ago and on moving day she fell and banged her head. Dreadful!
Thankfully she’s completely recovered and has settled in. Not all plain sailing. As with all things in life, it has its challenges… but we are getting used to this new life together.
My life of faith continues and I make my final vow this summer (delayed from last summer).
My mobility is still good but fatigue is always my problem. Constantly working on acceptance!
Pleased to have a catch-up on here and hoping you are all ok?
Please let me know if you would like prayers said for you (pm me if you prefer).
Much love, Pat xxx

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Hi Pat

I agree this site was difficult to get going with, but with perseverance I think I am getting it a bit better now.

How lovely for you to have your Mum so close, bound to make life easier for you both, glad she’s recovered from her fall.

I am so pleased for you to have found your faith and take your final vows in the summer, I admire you.

Take care Pat

Pam x

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Thanks Pam. Love to hear from you xxx

Hi, great news that your Mum is so close and recovered from her fall.
My mum was 90 last month, she is still active doing all her own housework and shopping. She’s very deaf so needs help making appointments, fortunately I’m still able to take and accompany her on any appointment she needs.
I think this is the third (so second revamp) site since I joined about eight years ago. It took about two weeks to actually rejoin which was very frustrating at the time. I’m getting used to it but I don’t find it as user friendly as the last one.
I hope all goes well with your final vows this summer, I know patience is a virtue but non of us want a summer like last summer!
Take care all
Jan x