well i’m going to be confirmed and have my first communion at 3 o clock

the rehearsal was an experience, none of the other adults could make it, so it was just me and all the children from the parish school.

i never went for confirmation classes because at the time i was a stroppy 13 year old.

better late than never eh?

carole x

congratulations! Hope you have a lovely day x

thanks stans mum.

my sister is stans mum too, her sons nickname is stan. so i’m stans auntie

carole x

Hi Carole, hope it all goes well, I’m sure it will. Lynn

Hi, hope it`s memorable…for good things!

luv Pollx

Ha ha! Carole - aka Stan’s auntie. Stan is my dog as I don’t think my sons would like to be part of my user name! Poor old dog doesn’t get a say though!

As I said, have a fab day xx

Oh, good for you!

You must have set off by now, I expect, but hope it’s gone really well, by the time you see this.

I was never christened/confirmed as a child, as my parents (reasonably, in my opinion) believed it was an adult decision you cannot make for someone else.

But I’ve often had a notion I ought to do something about it. Not found a church locally I really feel at home enough to start off on the path, though.

Glad you found one that’s right for you!



hi everybody

thanks for your replies.

tina - i started going to church after my friend died (february last year). she was only 50 and she was my dearest friend.

she had a strong faith and her funeral made it really easy for all of us who loved her to move on.

when i started going to church i expected it to be a clique but everyone made me very welcome.

the church warden reminds me of my nan and today she came up and gave me a big kiss and said “I’m so very proud of you”

i just feel like i’ve been hugged and loved when i go there

carole x

I am glad it all went well.



Well done Carole. I went to a church of england school, but to be honest can’t remeber learning much. I go to a Methodist church now, and the people are very nice. I am learning at my own pace from a book of bible stories as I find the Bible hard going. I have formed the opinion I need God rather more than he needs me!.


I’m glad you’ve had a lovely day!

I agree it’s hugely comforting if someone we lose had strong faith, even if we’re uncertain ourselves.

My dad used to be quite religious as a young man, but sadly, we never discussed it when he knew he was dying, so I wasn’t sure what he believed at the end, nor how to reflect it at the service.

We held a traditional C of E service for him, because he was confirmed and entitled, but I was never sure if it was what he would have wanted, or a bit of a travesty.

Sorry - bit of a maudlin thought, on your special day.

But it would help if people would say what they wanted, then relatives wouldn’t be left worrying whether it’s OK or not.