been told i can have rebif but waiting months ???

Hi all I was told by my nero at the begining of august that i need dmds and we agreed on rebif, i had my blood tests done and they were fine, how ever am still waiting and still no rebif, ive rang my ms nurse to chase them and her secratary called me to say that my case needs to go before a panel for funding to be agreed. Has anyone else come across this before? am scared now that am not going to get them, has anyone else come across this? sue

How awful for you, ms is stressful enough without all this worry for you. I hope you get it soon

Hi Sue Have you rung the neuro’s office and asked for an update; or do you have an MS nurse you could speak to? The waiting without updates is not fair on you! Calre

Cant even spell own name today, CLARE!

I had to wait 6 weeks for mine to be delivered, i would keep on chasing them up :smiley: