Been to my first MS class


I’m no sure if every health agency run classes but I have been to my first MS class which was 5 people newly diagnosed with MS . The physiotherapist talked about MS and the benifits of excersie etc, then they did 1 hours worth of pysio which was really hard, I found it more difficult than the others who were there and the pain was hard but its all in a good cause :slight_smile:

Next week is a 45 min open conversation with a nuro :slight_smile: x

Hi Ruthy

Good to hear about this. I could really do with some such class myself, because I have yet to meet a single other person with MS and I really would love the chance to have a long face-to-face chat with another MSer. This forum is great, but I do feel a bit isolated in terms of not having any personal contact. Ideally I wish our local group had some PPMSers I could meet because apart from having symptoms in common, we are probably all middle-aged+, which helps vis a vis banter.

A friend of mine knows somone with MS who a) Has RRMS with occasional optic neuritis and hearing problmes b) Is female and in her mid 20s and c) Lives with her parents, is unemployed and goes out clubbing every weekend. As opposed to me a) PPMS, with spasticity, muscle weakining, balance and coordination problems b) Male, self-employed, in his early 40s c) Married with two young children who last went to a nightclub about 12 years ago! I’ve politely declined my mates offer to put us ‘in touch’. That’s not being dismissive, snobby or cold, just a weary and frustrated gesture occasioned by not having met a single other PPMS person who might lead a similar sort of life to mine. Rant over.

Hope it keeps going well for you Ruthy.

That’s great Ruthy! Never ever heard of classes before! Like Clucker I never meet anyone with PPMS. I know one young woman with RRMS (I actually think she has SPMS)… But nobody PPMS or in my own age group. That’s also great having open conversation with a neuro. Hmmm be interesting to think what to ask… Very pleased for you. Pat xx :slight_smile:

Sounds great Ruthy, never heard of anything like that before, but would imagine it beneficial.

Pam x

Hi I’m sure it will be good I am the only ppms’er the others have rrms including a friend of mine who was diagnosed the week before my MRI results showed demylitation which was very bizzare. X

I went on a condition expert course about three years ago now dropped due to cuts I actually quotted it today to someone and I use tips gained from it all the time. I am glad to hear you have got the course I feel self managment helps reduce costs on the NHS.

I did an expert patients course about three years ago… Very informative ! Nina x