BBC radio4 this week - MS but where are the comments?

Last week on R4 at around 5:45 PM each day we heard different articles about secondary progressive MS,to tie in with the exhibition at the House of Commons about MS.But I have been unable to find any comments or discussions about the Radio 4 articles anywhere – I am sure that it must have been talked about in this forum or somewhere else. Have I missed it? Can you help?

I listened to them and thought the one on Friday about the Jelinek (OMS) diet was good stuff. It carries a bit more weight coming from Caroline Wyatt, as she obviously understands MS.

I don’t think you have missed anything on this forum.

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I listened to this after my husband told me about it, its good to hear how other people cope.

The diet thing was good , although my diet is quite healthy , I will try to add some new stuff