bad weather

allo all. The govt has issued the following warning;

to pc flipped then and sent itself before I asked it to.

so back to the govt`s warning;

to all those travelling in icy, below freezing condtions, you should always have extra clothing, fleece blankets, a flask of hot tea, chocolate for extra energy, a torch with spare batteries, a shovel, snow chains, a warning triangle and a fully charged mobile phone.

So, hubby did all this and he got some funny looks from other passengers on the bus!

luv Pollx

I'm guessing the paste didn't work!

What warning, Poll?

I know snow is forecast for much of the country tonight - Met Office have been warning of that for days.  Predicted to arrive about 9 p.m. here in Bristol.

Haven't seen a govt. statement yet, though.



Hi Poll

Love it.  Dont forget to take all those things when you are out on your new wheels!

Take care


Ah, OK - not a new warning then - just the standard one. :wink:

I’ve just heard from a friend in the South of France (warm, ya think?) who says it was -15 there last night, and his oil-fired heating failed. He thinks the oil froze, because it’s only good to -14, so there’s no repair - just wait for it to thaw.

He sent me a picture of the snowfields round the house.



Lol! Better get some panniers or a trailer for your weelllie eh Poll?! xx 

Awe you do make me larf.


Keep em coming luv,




Lol, very good Poll :)



Do love your humour Poll..........        happy2

Janet x