Bad sleep 'dramatically' alters body. What will you be?


Hmmmm. Another interesting one from the BBC today. Basically saying lack of sleep plays havoc with our immunity and genes.

I must certainly be under this one, as I must only get 2-3 hours per night of decent shut eye. I have been like this for over 15 years as well.

I wonder what I am going to turn into with my genes being affected? A tortoise would be nice. I would be able to hibernate and finally have a decent kip!. LOL!


A sloath! No change there for me, although don’t hang around in trees much these days!

I do get a little bit more than you, seem to have adapted to it.

I’m much the same as you guys, getting 4 hrs on a good night!


I remember reading about sleep deprivation at Uni - it’s amazing how important decent sleep is. Some animals can even die if they don’t sleep! 2-3 hours a night doesn’t sound great :frowning: I’d be a complete zombie so I can’t imagine how you cope. Although Winston Churchill and Maggie Thatcher managed on only a few hours a night - maybe that’s what you’re turning into? A Tory prime minister?! Karen x


pre ms working shifts inc night shift. now i cant get enough sleep! 10 hrs at night plus extra thru the day. does this mean ms will go away or is too much zzz just as bad?!

interesting tho…something else to wonder-until i doze off…

ellie x

It’s already happened to me… woke up the other morning and I’d evolved into a snow leopard. Not a bad life actually… like all cats I spend a good deal of my life sleeping!

Pat x (purr…)

Hi, my nights sleep is always broken,as when I want to turn over, I have to wake to lift my legs with my hands. No wonder ive got baggy eye syndrome!

luv Pollx

Me, Ill be a zombie as per usual. I get lots of sleep but it dont do any good, still stressed out and feeling like Im dragging myself around.

Sleep, well Im waiting to have a decent night where I can actually sleep without dreaming and using up more energy, oh for that deep sleep where one wakes up feeling refreshed. suppose we should be grateful we do actually wake up, but feeling fatigued all the time, there must be an answer.

Zombie Bren


I manage about 7-8 hours but thats only because I take such a high dose of amitriptyline I’m on 150mg per night, I’m in process of changing my tablets for my results legs and they are making me feel really funny and knock me out. But without the tablets I’d be tossing and turning all night, so know how you feel when you cant sleep, when eventually I come of my amitriptyline they will have to give me something to help me sleep.

Al x

As a tortoise you will have a nice sleep like my pebbles

but… she hibernates in a fridge as temperature has to be constant and cool or she would wake up.

Might be a bit chilly for you Marty!


a good nights sleep, oh if only! what with needing the loo atleast twice, having the same problem as Poll and my back hurting, im lucky if i get 4hrs . wouldnt be so bad if it was 4hrs continual but its not, its a bit here then a bit there. when i get up in the morning i’m ready for a kip.


I was quite depressed after reading that at 4 a.m. today - awake AGAIN, and on the iPad.

Another of those nights I couldn’t tell if I was too cold, needed the loo, needed painkillers, or what. Eventually got up, used the bathroom, turned on the fire, and took a fresh lot of pills. Something in that lot must have cracked it: next woke up at 10:30 a.m.



Ha! You could be right. Oh dear a Tory Prime Minister. Or maybe…

A Torytortoise.



i know exactly what id love to turn into…a bloody dragon, that way i can sleep for hundreds of years and go chase atos n the government to a very crispy ending, go to the hills and change colour to green so they cant find me hahahahahah

My sleep has been rotten for the last seven years due to pregnancy and small children, but its getting better and I do feel a lot better for it! Sometimes I sleep for seven hours straight which is totally AMAZING, though I am bursting for the loo when I do wake up!

I take Baclofen and its great at helping you seleep during the day, which when you work isnt good, I so i drink coffee to keep awake. By the time the night comes i am bright as a buny rabbit and wake about 3am every morning dozre off at aboutt 6.30am then up at 7.30. Ive tryed going to bed earlier but that doesnt work. Now im on leave from work i can catch up on sleep and am turning into a cat.